• 〈Fengtian Jade Garden〉, 2019, mixed media, Nephrite, Serpentine Jade, Formosa acacia (Taiwan acacia), man-made silicate mineral, sound, photograph. Dimensions variable, Courtesy of the artist and Taiwan Fengtian Jade Association

Fengtian Jade Garden


These jade stones are, simultaneously, reminders of the artist’s childhood and witnesseses of the local history of jade in Shoufong Township, Hualien County. In Japanese, the visual appreciation of stones is referred to as water stones, because the green hue of Nephrite resembles misty air on the water surface, while new crystals display a different charm when placed underwater. In Fengtian Jade Garden techniques from chemistry and traces of personal experiences are interwoven into basic structure of Nephrite. Gradually coming into public attention in the 1960s, Nephrite exploded into public consciousness in 1965, when an article in the Central Daily News featured the Fengtian Nephrites. Overnight, the humble area became flooded with fortune seekers. Integrating man-made Nephrite and installation, this project is a collaboration between Chiang Kai-Chun and Aquacene (Liao Chi-Hung and Huang Chao-Wei)

About the Artist

A 2007 graduate of the School of Fine Arts of Taipei National University of the Arts, Chiang received École Nationale Supérieure d’arts de Paris Cergy in 2013, and worked as an artist at Le Fresnoy, studio national between 2013 and 2015. Chiang started exploring experimental film during his time at the École nationale supérieure d'arts de Paris-Cergy (ENSAPC) and Le Fresnoy, studio national, focusing on digital pixels and traditional Mosaic techniques. Chiang started learning Mosiac techniques in Jordan and Paris since 2012 and is currently based in France, and was awarded the Visual Arts Advanced Diploma (DNSEP). Chiang’s works have been showcased in venues including Taipei Fine Art Museum, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, The Cité de l'Architecture & du Patrimoine (City of Architecture and Heritage), and Le Fresnoy- National Studio for Contemporary Arts, and has been invited to film festivals such as International Animation Film Festival, Geneva, and Glasgow Short Film Festival. Chiang was selected by the Taiwan Ministry of Culture and Taipei Artist Village as an artist-in-residence at the RU residency in New York and Tokyo Arts and Space residency. Chiang currently works as an Adjunct Lecturer of Taipei National University of the Arts.
Chiang’s exhibition experiences include: Tobacco, Carpet, Lunch Box, Textile Machinery, and Cave Man: the Narratives of Craftsmanship and Technologies in Contemporary Art at Hong-Gah Museum(2017), Chiang Kai-Chun Solo Exhibition: Third Person Traveler at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts(2016), Interpreting Brooklyn, New York (2016), La Samaritaine Photographic collection in Paris (2016), Gestures and Archives of the Present, Genealogies of the Future at Taipei Fine Arts Museum (2016), Taipei Art Awards(2017), and Today Art Museum in Beijing (2018).